Cover up, ladies! Obviously, we aren’t talking about clothes – frankly, wear what you like. Wander around the house in your pants and a bra top. Go naked, if you will. No. This is about the subject of sunscreen, which needs slathering on instantly in some sort of high SPF form at this time of year – even though we can’t go much further than the back garden. And certainly, ensure your face is protected at all times.

Ageing is beautiful, but it’s worth preserving and maintaining good skin as much as possible, not to mention the importance of protecting against skin cancer. 

We all know that the sun causes skin damage and wrinkles. Your face may already be paying the price for the excesses of your youth. Many of the OTG team, for example, were fans of the baby oil and foil method of tanning back in the early 1980s. It shows.

You may have noticed that every summer, one day of sun exposure can mean a face full of pigmentation (not freckles, those are lovely), but blotches and splotches of discolouration.

Over winter this fades but often emerges, like the green shoots of spring, around this time of year.

‘As you age, the skin is more sensitive to sunlight,’ explains aesthetic expert Dr Mervyn Patterson at Woodford Medical.

‘Not only is it more likely to develop permanent pigmentation, but if you spent years sunbathing with inadequate protection, your melanocytes, or tanning cells, are pre-programmed to activate swiftly.’ This means that your pigmentation pops out immediately. And of course, the decline in oestrogen means that collagen and elastin, which give skin elasticity and plumpness, are diminished.

It’s by no means all bad news, today’s products protect, prime and perfect skin. 




Epionce Daily Shield Tinted Lotion, SPF 50, £47.50, beauty-product-online.co.uk.

A joy to use – a tinted chemical-free and anti-pollution cream which gives effective coverage, with no need for any other make-up.

Roche Posay Anthelios Hydrating Tinted Cream, SPF50, £17.50, laroche-posay.co.uk: La Roche Posay nails it every time. This gives super-high protection for dry to very dry skin.

Protect skin against pollution both in and out of the house with The Body Shop’s new Skin Defence Multi-Protection Lotion, SPF50+, £22, thebodyshop.com. Light, easy to rub in and divine smelling.

Photo credit: Mariella Frostrup Photo Library