Anyone reading OTG is probably pretty tech-savvy, but if you have older relatives struggling to get to grips with their iPad, then look no further than Get Connected. Anyone who has tried to explain the intricacies of Facetime to a 96 year old man (ref one of our team), will welcome clear instructions from a non-family member!

The concept is fronted by chief ITV sports presenter Mark Pougatch and supported by a host of celebrities, including Claire Balding, Tony Adams MBE, and Alistair Petrie.
‘Get Connected is for anyone with an iPhone or iPad who isn’t sure how to access all the options,’ says Mark. ‘‘During this difficult time for many, we want to do everything we can to help people stay in touch. It’s incredibly important that everybody is able to communicate with their loved ones and enjoy telly, film, books, and podcasts.’
To this end, he and co-presenter Lauren Brener have devised a 40 minute video which is broken into five easy to follow chapters.
‘If you suspect you know someone who might benefit from ‘face to face’ chats, drinks, family meetups or quiz nights on Zoom, give them a bell – on the land-line if necessary – and find out.’
The team also recommends that every Silver Surfer has a tech buddy; obviously you can’t meet up with grandchildren at the moment, but the under 18s love explaining iPhones to the older generation!